Open call for Cluster Scienze della Vita FVG - Innovation for PMI
High-Tech Entrepreneurship for PhD - Sant'Anna, Pisa 2024
Submit your creative idea now! Deadline 15th February 2023
šŸ“£ Focus for companies: Intellectual Property for SMEs and start-ups!
Are you a dynamic company? Discover what SISSA can do for you!
Helping scientists improve their research impact

Knowledge Valorization

PhD Student or Scientist with an innovative idea? Want to find out if it has market potential? Are you looking for industrial partners? Or do you want to know about patents and licensing to protect your invention?

Research for Business

Building relationships, partnerships and trust between industry and academia is a focus point for SISSA, which often leads to commercial successes for Companies.Ā 


Through the "University Third Mission" SISSA is working hard to support directed interaction processes with civil society and private sector aiming at promoting social advancement,Ā economic growth and high quality jobs creation.

Latest News

Career building kit for professional development - a workshop offered by IMT Scuola Alti Studi Lucca

As part of the collaboration between Italian Schools of Excellence IMT presents the following initiative

Career kit workshop

Group-based activities for enhancing academic and professional skills to improve effective self-guidance in the world of work.

Successful post-PhD job applications

Friday 19 April 2024 | 4-5:30pm | Classroom 2, San Francesco Complex IMT + remotely

Symphony of the Mind

Symphony of the Mind: Integrating Mind, Body, and Feeling

Inner motivationĀ as a fundamental tool in the professionalĀ development of researcher

SISSA - Big Meeting Room

11 APRILĀ 2.30 - 6.30 PM

12 APRILĀ 9.30 - 13.30 AM



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