SISSA againstCOVID19 - Internal Survey

To the attention of SISSA Principal Investigators 

With a view to the concrete "Third Academic Mission" - given the dramatic and complex moment we are going through related to covid19 emergency - the Institutions, the communities and the production substrate of our Territory and of our Country implicitly ask to its excellence and best forces (and SISSA is one of them) for any useful contribution to overcome this moment.

With this in mind, we would ask each of Principal Investigators who has a proposal that goes in this direction (containment of the spread of the virus, research on vaccines / treatments, competitiveness / conversion of companies, etc.) to report it in a synthetic way using the format below. 

This will allow SISSA to be aware of all the potential proposals / availability to be possibly taken into consideration for specific financing.

Should you need any further clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact