Prof. Rozza presented AROMA at TGR Leonardo

AROMA, a project funded by the European Research Council and developed by Professor Gianluigi Rozza at SISSA thanks to the availability of the super computer Ulysses, was the protagonist last February 7 in the TGR Leonardo, the Rai news program of science and environment.
The goal of the project?
Review the calculation methods in use in order to obtain a sort of packages, easier to use, cheaper and that can be use by those who need to solve recurring problems with the help of simulation.
This means that large computers are no longer only available to large research institutions and companies but also to private individuals such as doctors or designers, making it available on private devices.
The project focuses in particular on the fluid dynamic that  very different areas have in common (aeronautical and naval engineering, climate, sport, medicine)
You can review the TV service (minute 7:38)