•   Mechanical experimental setups
  •   Precision mechanical microstructures
  •   Advanced mechanics and engineering
  •   Biomedical industry


Know how

The Mechatronics laboratory has a decade of experience in the development and mechanical parametric design of experimental setups and precision mechanical microstructures, boasting advanced capabilities in synchronizing recording signals (sensors) and stimulation (actuators); The activity carried out in support of neuroscience research has allowed the development of high performance software and hardware ranging from simple monitoring systems to complex real-time embedded control systems.

The laboratory has developed a development methodology able to offer the maximum customization of the measurement setup thanks to the integration of electronics, sensors, software and internally developed mechanical parts. Another characterizing expertise of the Laboratory is represented by the advanced techniques of integration of optical fiber into micro-instrumentation.

Application Areas

Advanced mechanics and engineering and biomedical industry.

More generally, the SISSA mechatronic laboratory is able to offer expertise and frontier technology mainly in the following areas:

  •     anywhere where processes need to be measured and controlled. Typical examples are the test benches that can have as object of analysis mechanical systems (evaluation of yields, resistance tests etc.), chemical, physical or energy processes etc .. The high degree of customization reachable both from the hardware and software side from the systems developed by the Laboratory they are a fundamental element for the quality of the measurement or test to be performed;
  •     in integrated mechanics to control and automation systems and rapid precision prototyping through 3D printing and micromachining, microfluidics (> 100µm);
  •     in biomedical engineering, probe prototyping and optical sensors.

Scientific referent

Prof. Mathew E. Diamond - Director of the SISSA Mechatronics Laboratory