JOIN - JOb INspirations

JOIN - JOb INspirations is a series of events organised by the SISSA Valorisation & Innovation Office. The aim of JOIN is to inspire your professional future through the experiences of SISSA Alumni. 

Find out what opportunities await for you after your PhD journey! 

20th October 2023 – 10.00 pm

SISSA - Big Meeting Room (7th floor)


10:00  10:45 
Andrea Oddo (PhD in Astroparticle Physics. Sofware Developer @OptionFactory)
Uriel Luviano (PhD in Theoretical Particle Physics. Machine Learning Engineer @AISent)
11:00  11:45
Mahya Karbalaii (PhD in Mathematics. Vice President Science Team @Danieli)
Andrea Maiorana (PhD in Geometry and Math. Data Scientist @Bending Spoons)
12:00 – 13:00
Pin-Jane Nora Chen (PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience. Consultant @Fondazione Barilla)
Manuela Santo (PhD in Functional and Structural Genomics. Scientist @Axxam)
Luciano Paz (PhD in Tactile Perception and Learning Lab. Principal Data Scientist @PyMC-Labs)

Modarated by Matteo Manzati    



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Previous editions..


23rd JUNE 2022 – 4.00 pm


Rosilari Bellacosa – Cofounder and R&D Director at SynDiag  

Stefano Franzini – Data Scientist at Rachael

Sebastiano Saccani – Cofounder and R&D Lead at Aindo

Modarated by Audrey Franceschi Biagioni – Senior Postdoctoral Researcher in Neuroscience


4:00 pm - Careers Talk (Big Meeting Room on the 7th floor)

5:00 pm - Q&A

5:30 pm - Networking Aperitif (Room 600) 

Registration by Tuesday 21st of June at noon


9th JUNE 2022 – 4.00 pm


Lorenzo Bordin – PhD in Astroparticle Physics, Data Scientist at AISent

Fabrizio Manzino – Cofounder and CEO CyNexo SISSA Startup

Natalia Grion – PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience Data Scientist at ProntoPro

Modarated by Uriel Luviano PhD student in Theoretical Particle Physics


4:00 pm - Careers Talk (Big Meeting Room)

5:00 pm - Q&A

5:30 pm - Networking Aperitif (Room 600) 

Registration by Wednesday 8th of June at noon