Job Opportunities

  • Work at the Leonardo Labs


    Technology hubs dedicated to the research and development of leading-edge and breakthrough technologies. A network of research and development laboratories interconnected with universities, polytechnics, research centres and partner companies, to create a constantly evolving innovation ecosystem.

    These laboratories are the driving force of innovation, maximising their proximity to Leonardo’s main industrial sites and to prominent territories. These hubs nurture a continuous flow of talent and ensure flexibility and the ongoing renewal of professional skills and competencies. It is a model with international young research fellows and PhD students at its heart, enabling them to work alongside the company’s experts and technicians.

  • New Opening at Koexai: Cloud System Admin

    Koexai is currently on the lookout for a Cloud System Administrator to join their dynamic team.

  • Senior Machine Learning Expert at Danieli Spa

    Senior Machine Learning Expert at Danieli Spa


    • Lead ML Initiatives: Develop and deploy state-of-the-art ML models, leveraging advanced algorithms and statistical techniques to address complex challenges in the metal industry.

    • Data-driven Insights: Harness large-scale datasets to extract actionable insights, enabling predictive maintenance, process optimization, and quality enhancement.

    • Algorithm Development: Design and implement novel algorithms for anomaly detection, pattern recognition, and optimization to improve manufacturing processes.

    • Collaborative Innovation: Collaborate with interdisciplinary teams including engineers, metallurgists, and data scientists to integrate ML solutions seamlessly into existing workflows.

    • Research & Development: Stay abreast of the latest advancements in ML, physics, and mathematics to continuously innovate and apply emerging technologies effectively