Introducing FAST Computing srl - a new SISSA's start-up

FAST Computing, the new SISSA’s start-up, has been created by the research group SISSA mathLab, directed by Prof. Gianluigi Rozza. The strong experience in computational reduction, combined with the recent developments in artificial intelligence and data science, represent the strength of this new Trieste-based company. The aim is to make computing methodologies and technologies available to the market for real-time solutions, enabling faster research and development results, in a context in which computing time and costs and related sustainability have become key elements for companies in any sector.

FAST Computing brings to the market methodologies developed through an ERC Consolidator grant (AROMA-CFD) and subsequently tested with industrial case studies through an ERC PoC (Proof of Concept) ARGOS funding.

The new SISSA start-up has also chosen to be a benefit society, striving to have a positive impact on people, the local area and the environment.

Andrea Martini, CEO of FAST Computing, said “I have always believed in the potential of the relationship between universities and business, and FAST Computing has precisely the goal of supporting companies in the development of their products and processes, enabling them to cut development time and costs like never before. FAST Computing is the new frontier of sustainability and performance in scientific computing.”

Nicola Demo, CTO of FAST Computing, added “With FAST Computing, we want to fill the always increasing need for rapid technology transfer from research to companies, innovating computing processes and related methodologies.”

Gianluigi Rozza, scientific director of FAST Computing, said “The establishment of FAST Computing seeks to enhance the research developed at SISSA, accelerate innovation processes and at the same time create professional opportunities for those who want to pursue a career outside the academic context. The start-up wants to contribute to creating a dynamic and stimulating environment in Trieste, the city of science, in a multidisciplinary, innovative and fast-growing context, and at the same time to relaunch system synergies for future projects.”

Luca Tosolini, strategic consultant at FAST Computing, concluded “The connection between companies and universities is essential to ensure the rapid and innovative development of business ideas. FAST Computing fits perfectly into this need, wanting to fill the need for technological and computing solutions that the market can no longer wait for”.


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