GiovedìScienza 2021 Prize for researchers under 35 from Italy

The  Association CentroScienza is organising the 10th edition of the GiovedìScienza Prize for researchers under 35 from Italy. The Prize was first established in 2011 to encourage commitment and draw attention  to the best in science communication and popularization. Ever since the very first edition it proved to be the showcase of  the scientific-technological excellence in the land.

Among the 4 prizes there are two dedicated to the dialogue between research and industry:


Premio GiovedìScienza Futuro

Since 2016 the Prize looks at the business and manufacturing world with the Premio GiovedìScienza Futuro: the aim is to encourage dialogue and interaction between the scientific world, the economic fabric and the ecosystem of innovation, awarding the prize to the best feasibility study.

A premium of € 3.000 to candidates who will present a proof of concept of the project


Premio Industria 4.0 

A premium of € 3.000 for projects developed in industry and manufacturing.


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