Covid19, fast and cheap screening. Cynexo srl, together with Professor Laio of the SISSA's Physics Area and a team of companies and research institutes, try to give an answer.

One of the most important issues to promptly respond to the ongoing emergency is the diagnostics.

The team, composed by the startup Cynexo Srl and various companies and research institutes, is working for this goal.

Among these institutes, an important contribution will come from the Sissa's Physics Area and in particular from Professor Laio's laboratory. He is engaged in the study and identification of algorithms that would allow to identify a unique imprint of the virus thanks to deep learning and artificial intelligence.

This would allow for real-time analysis and to distinguish infected people from healthy people with an innovative non-invasive and low-cost technology.

In addition to Cynexo srl and Sissa, the team is composed by the Edmund Mach Trento Foundation, the Department of Electronic Engineering of the University of Rome Tor Vergata; the University Hospital of Santa Maria della Misericordia Udine; Microfox of Campoformido (UD) and the University of Padua, and they are working fast in order to expand the available resources for the project and to have this new solution that could be used on a large scale as soon as possible.