Course "Student Entrepreneurship: STEM + SSH"


25/09/2023 - 09:00 to 27/09/2023 - 17:30


IUSS - Scuola Universitaria Superiore - Palazzo del Broletto, Pavia (PV)

(this event will be held in Italian and English)



How can academic research turn into business enterprise?

We will try to answer this question in the second edition of the "School on Student Entrepreneurship", to be held at the IUSS School of Pavia from 25 to 27 September 2023.

The course is open to 30 PhD students attending University High Schools, with 5 places reserved for our School.

Applications must be submitted by the 31th August 2023, according to this call for applications.



Within the project "Le Scuole Superiori ad Ordinamento Speciale: istituzioni a servizio del Paese", which involves the six National Higher Schools, the University School for Advanced Studies IUSS of Pavia aims to strengthen the Third Mission by fostering relations with multiple stakeholders in order to promote cultural development and economicsocial innovation, in particular in order to improve the impact of research and to boost technology transfer at national and international level, also through entrepreneurship projects. For this purpose, the IUSS School is committed to promoting actions aimed at supporting students and researchers of all the Higher Schools in the development of an entrepreneurial approach in order to generate new business ideas that are clearly an enhancement of the skills acquired during the academic experience and research activities carried out. The 3-day course is co-organised by Netval, which has been working since 2002 to disseminate the culture of exploitation of research results in order to foster the creation and consolidation of the professional figure of the technology transfer manager (TT manager) and the organisation of facilities, offices, and services within Italian research centres and universities, dedicated to protecting and transferring research results, to promote the creation of new enterprises based on new knowledge and on the results of scientific and technological research. In this respect, Netval is also committed to supporting universities and research institutions towards the so-called Third Mission.

Student Entrepreneurship: STEM + SSH

The course aims to generate greater awareness of the possibilities of exploiting research, by promoting a comparison between the hard sciences (which have always been considered rulers of technology transfer) and the social sciences and humanities, which today are increasingly involved in entrepreneurship. Through training sessions on specific topics, tales of successful entrepreneurial experiences, and group works, we will try to make doctoral students and students of ordinary courses at High Schools - by their very nature devoted to research - more aware of the huge entrepreneurial possibilities of exploiting research results through the synergy of different skills. The programme will include lectures on the subject of intellectual property, spin-off and start-up companies; discussion panels for the presentation of experiences and methodologies; group works on the application of the tools acquired during the course.


From 25th to 27th September, 9 a.m. to 5.30 p.m


IUSS School Building, Palazzo del Broletto, Piazza della Vittoria n. 15 - 27100 Pavia (PV)


30 PhD and/or ordinary students attending a Higher School, reserving 5 seats for each School.

How to apply?

Applicants should submit by the 31st August 2023 an email to with the subject line "Bando KTO-2023-1 Imprenditorialità studentesca: STEM + SSH", stating the School they belong to and attaching:

- Curriculum vitae

- Motivational letter, specifying: i) current field of research ii) eventual business idea iii) eventual experience in the technology transfer area iv) eventual experience in business activities

In case the candidate proposes a business idea in which other potential candidates are involved, please mention it in the motivation letter. Successful candidates will be informed by Thursday 31 August by a communication sent to the email address used to submit the application. Personal data will be processed in accordance with current legislation.

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