Bernardo Nobile Award 2024 - 19th Edition

Area Science Park announces the 19th edition of the Bernardo Nobile Prize for undergraduate or doctoral theses, with 4 checks in the amount of €2,500 each.
The Edition is dedicated to dissertations or doctoral theses that have emphasized the use of patent documentation and information or AI methodologies and techniques for extracting valuable content from bibliographic sources or that have explored methodologies of foresight, forecast or anticipatory analysis.

The Prize is divided into:
- Categories 1 and 2: Undergraduate or doctoral theses that have used and documented the use of patents as a source of information.
- Category 3: Master's or doctoral theses that have used and documented the use of artificial intelligence methodologies and techniques in the analysis of data and information from bibliographic sources, with particular reference to patents and scientific literature.
- Category 4: A dissertation or doctoral thesis concerning a foresight or forecasting or anticipatory analysis exercise related to technological issues and their economic, political or social impact in the medium and long term.

The Call is addressed to graduates and Ph.D.s who have obtained a master's or specialist degree or the title of doctor of research, from an Italian university, no more than three years before the deadline of the Call, submitting a thesis, written in Italian or English, with clear evidence of:
- of the meaningful use of patents (Cat.1 and 2).
- of the application of artificial intelligence methodologies and techniques for processing and analyzing data and information from bibliographic sources, particularly patents and literature (Cat.3).
- of the use of foresight or forecasting methodologies or anticipatory analysis in the analysis of technological issues and their impact (Cat.4).

A prize of €2,500 will be awarded to each winner in the four different categories.

The application for admission to the Call, drawn up according to the template “Annex 1,” together with the other required attachments, must be received by h23:59 on May 31, 2024, via personal PEC, at:
The subject line of the communication via PEC, to which the application and accompanying documentation should be attached, should be marked: “XIX ED. BERNARDO NOBILE PRIZE.”

The Prize was established in memory of Dr. Bernardo Nobile, creator and first head of the Area Science Park's PatLib Center, and has established itself over the years as a tool to encourage and promote to young people the deepening and exploitation of the information potential of patents, research data and new techniques and methodologies of investigation and analysis that make their interpretation and use possible.

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